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3-Ply Disposable Face Mask

GB/T 32610‐2016



Great for daily protection from allergens, and airborne pollutants helping you breathe easier while also protecting others from your coughs and sneezes.

These 3‐Ply disposable face masks consist of 2‐layers non‐woven fabrics and 1‐layer electrostatic adsorption meltdown filter. Due to their lightweight nature they’re comfortable to wear and easy to breath from.

They’re one size and fit a wide range of wearers. They also feature an adjustable nose strip which helps secure them in position and creates a better fitting on the face.

Filtration Efficiency

BFE > 95%



50 Pcs Sealed bag in Box


-Material: 3ply, melt-blown PP filter
- High BFE/PFE
-Comfortable & Lightweight
-Adjustable nose piece bridge & elastic earloop
-Color: Blue
-Size: 175mm x 95mm
-Application: Personal Care, Virus Protection

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