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Learn a little more about us and the way we like to work

Our Business

AH Fixings is an international company specialising in electrical and fastening products. Our team of qualified and experienced individuals ensure that we deliver quality service in all aspects based on our client requirements.


We have a wide network of suppliers spread across the globe, providing components of impeccable standards and the finest solutions to cater to our clients needs. 


We offer an extensive range of electrical and fastening products to a number of sectors including:

  • Steel Engineering

  • Construction

  • Oil and Gas

  • Rail and Metro Systems

  • MEP Contractors

  • Marine and Ship Repair Yards

  • Switch Gear Industry

  • Wind and Solar Energy


Our Approach

We work with consultants, architects and procurement teams from an early stage to ensure your requirements can be met, no matter how challenging the project scope seems. The ability to develop custom products with our partners means we can work together to deliver innovative solutions to our industry. 

Safety is paramount in our industry therefore we put in extra effort to guarantee that we supply certified solutions to the highest quality standards. We are relentlessly working towards building customer trust and confidence to work with our products and people.


We understand budgets are an integral factor of any project. Planning projects efficiently at an early stage with our clients allows us to supply material direct from manufacturer which results in cost savings for our clients.

Our focus is on providing sustainable and enduring infrastructure solutions. By doing so, it benefits our partners, our society and the environment.

Our Story

Over the years we have established ourselves within the Middle East, in particular Dubai and Qatar. We are proud to have worked
on some of the major projects within this region which has allowed us to support the infrastructure potential of the Middle East.

We have recently branched out to the UK with the intention to utilise our experience working on some of the most challenging
engineering projects. With this knowledge we aim to support and develop infrastructure projects across the United Kingdom.

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Our Vision

To help develop sustainable building solutions minimising environmental impact.


To supply components meeting and exceeding the very highest specifications for our clients who demand perfection whilst ensuring that we deliver safe and efficient solutions to our industry, our communities and our planet.

Our Values

Since inception as a company we have endeavoured to innovative and support our clients to perform better, by meeting their demand for quality, service, and competitiveness. Our company is driven by simple and honest principles which is our core foundation on which we stand tall on. Our teams bring these values to life every day.

Aim for the extraordinary

– challenge yourself

Do the right thing

– take responsibility and work with integrity

In it together

– working in collaboration with our partners and clients

Make it happen

– be efficient and deliver on your promises

We instil these core values within our company to provide our clients with dedicated services throughout our partnership.

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