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Masks with Glasses

Have you put a mask on only to have your glasses fog up immediately? Annoying right.

I can relate. It happens naturally to every eyeglass wearer when warm breath escapes from the top of the mask and sits on the cooler surface of lenses. Part of the problem is the fit of the mask. Fortunately, we’ve got some simple solutions for that.

Use a mask with a nose bridge

It's our top tip, make sure you have a better seal around your nose. If your mask fits loosely over the bridge then your breath is certain to escape up to your glasses. Many better quality masks have a flexible strip built into them to allow you to bend and shape them to fit your nose. We'd recommend to avoid ones that don't include this. Not only will doing this make for a more comfortable fit but it also makes the mask more effective in general as less moisture can escape.

Rest your glasses over the mask

Once you've tried the above tip try resting your glasses so they sit on your mask. Pull the top of your mask slightly higher, still ensuring your mouth is completely covered, once you've adjusted the nose bridge then wear your glasses above the material. This should hopefully create an additional seal with any escaping breath missing your glasses.

Anti-Fogging lenses

Some opticians provide an option to purchase anti-fogging lenses when ordering new glasses. This gives the lens a permanent coating that's meant to prevent the fogging that happens when you transition from a cold environment to a warm one, such as getting into your car when it’s freezing outside. It can also keep your lenses from steaming up during sports and other times you’re hot and perspiring.

Soap and water

Buying new lenses may not be practical and can be an expensive option. Why not try washing your glasses in soapy water and then letting them air dry or very gently drying them. The idea is that the soap leaves behind a film on your lenses that prevents glasses from fogging up. However we suggest to avoid using soaps that are made with lotion.

Let's face it masks are here to stay so let's figure out how to overcome their niggles. Hopefully these few tips help a little.

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